Sunday, April 27, 2008

Vancouver, WA Coloring Pages

Craft Magazine, harborer of all that is hip and knitted, has an article in April's issue on how to make a coloring book, using photos and a few Photoshop filters. Here's my hastily thrown-together attempt at capturing Vancouver in coloring-book form. Seemingly simple instructions did not make for an easy craft project. Best to attempt this with very high-contrast photos that contain little or no foliage. Washington State: a place known for its high-volume of foliage. But if you like futzing with Photoshop over and over and over again--this is the project for you!

Now, get out your green crayons and let's color Vancouver, WA.

Mt. St. Helens as seen from downtown Vancouver with the Columbia River in the foreground.

Mt. Hood, anchored by the view of townhouses along the river. You'll need a lot of grayish white to color these since both mountains are still, well into April, completely covered with snow.

Birthplace of Burgerville, where I had a Tillamook cheeseburger and shake made from Oregon-grown strawberries tonight.

The bell tower at Esther Short Park, downtown Vancouver.

Historic Fort Vancouver, home of the trillion-ton Fourth of July fireworks show.

The now defunct Evergreen Airport. Torn down in a Crate & Barrel development deal. Its last paint scheme: aquamarine.

Make way for a new Fred Meyer. Shop for groceries, home furnishings, hardware, clothes, and/or electronics. A mind-boggling consumer experience under one roof.

Main Street, USA. I mean, Vancouver.

The Vancouver commemorative plate, coming to a Goodwill near you soon (unless I see it there first).

A raised ranch house.

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