Friday, May 01, 2015

It's my birthday so I mopped the floor

The floor is now clean for my birthday celebration which consists of writing a second draft of an essay I worked on all last weekend. The life of a writer, ladies and gentlemen. That's what I wanted. At least the floor's clean.

I kept putting off a poetry post for April, which is always National Poetry Month, and now it's May and it's too late for poetry, dammit! I've always gone all out for National Poetry Month. I'll have to ruminate fixedly for a belated post. Life's a poem, people! Until that moment arrives, enjoy the poetry of Christopher Lindstrom—greatness.

This blog, like me, is aging--ten years young. In ten years, I've grown a lot, learned a lot, ignored mopping the floor a lot. That's all going to change, starting today, starting here and now. Because the floor is mopped and ready for bare feet without sticking. Because I also vacuumed half the house (last week) and only have the other half to do. Because that essay isn't going to rewrite itself, so I better get writing.

I'll write up a post of our April travels, which included a magical family reunion in stunningly livable San Diego, a revisit to Bodie, sledding in April during an unprecedented drought, and the incredible weirdness that is the Trona Pinnacles. Until then, thanks for ten years of blogtastic blogging on blogger.

San Diego - I'm on the right, wearing plaid, probably thinking about ice cream

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