Friday, February 24, 2017

It's Trump's Time - Dadaist Memes

In times of political and social strife, spread the word with Dadaist memes. What is Dada? A movement born of furious absurdity. And what better way to describe our current federal government? Lurking on Facebook the other day, I saw a political discussion between two friends on opposite ends of the political spectrum. The rude right-wing asshat (not that I'm biased) told his worried buddy that, "It's Trump's time," and therefore, we snowflakes should just shut up and deal.

I was struck by the poetic absurdity of the concept of "Trump's Time." Is it? Trump's time, that is. What does that mean? Because right now really sucks for so many people for so many reasons, all having to do with Trump and his awful cronies. If it's Trump's time, then we need some memes to officially point that out. We need some absurd visuals. Where to find them...hmmm...where indeed.

Use freely.

Yecch (as they say at Mad Magazine). That was an unhealthy use of my time. But now it's done and we can move on to more furious mockery and artistic acumen. Soundtrack: "Da Da Da" by Trio.

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David Coleman said...

Being on Trumpf's Time? Equivalent to being on overtime but without the pay. You're tired. You're weary. You just want to go home. But when you get home? It's been taken over by savage, rabid simians who are not housebroken and who've eaten everything in the fridge. You want to call animal control to bring order back into your formerly democratic house, but one of the apes wearing a 'Trumpf' tee has taken a dump on your telephone.