Saturday, February 02, 2008

Oregon Gets With the Times

One thing Oregon regularly gets wrong is the weather. Rarely, if ever, is the weather report right around here. It's not anyone's fault (I think). It's what they call variable conditions within several micro-climates. For instance, today's paper said there would be "some rain" (there's also variable media statements regarding the forecast of rain, including: showers, some showers, a little rain, a little afternoon rain, etc.) As I check out the handy window here, I see that it's snowing quite heavily. Well, that's how it goes lately.

But Oregon got something very right this week. Starting this Monday, if you're gay and you and your partner want to form a domestic partnership--you can! This gives you most, if not all of the same legal rights as married couples. Right on, U.S. District Judge Michale Mosman for rejecting a potential lawsuit that would have blocked the current domestic partnership law. Congratulations to local gay-rights advocates for all your hard work on this issue. And for those who are planning to appeal: Squashing your fellow citizens' civil rights puts you in league with the devil (speaking in Biblical terms). Enjoy the eternal damnation!

Domestic Partnership forms are available online at

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