Friday, March 14, 2008

Art, It's What's Happening Again

Sherry LaVars took a slew of really fine portraits of Annie Leibovitz for the Contra Costa Times. Leibovitz' exhibit "A Photographer's Life, 1990-2005" will be at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco until May 25th. Sherry said she was so nervous on her way to the photo shoot that upon arrival she locked her keys in the car (cameras within). I thought I only did stuff like that. AAA came quickly to save the day and Sherry told me that Ms. Leibovitz was easily one of the nicest people she's ever met. That doesn't surprise me. Some people exude niceness and it's always a treat to work with them, however briefly.

Jim Riswold, mirthful conceptual Portland artist explores the juxtapositions (most overused word in art journalism--I've never used it before and I never will again; I promise) between tyranny, infamy and pop culture satire, using plastic figurines and his own demented vision. His current show, "Selling Jesus" at the Augen Gallery in Portland, focuses on nice-guy savior, Jesus Christ, and his place in our modern material world.

16 Jesuses Are Better Than One
The Last Supper #20-42 takes you through the process of a 4.5" x 7" paint-by-number project and is also available as a flip-book at the gallery.

Seven-year-old Nathanael got a digital camera last Christmas and here's how he's been framing the world. Seven--good age.

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