Friday, March 07, 2008

Asthmatic Kitty Records - Encyclopedia Asthmatica vol 1

Arty or annoying? That's the question that haunted me when I saw the description of this DVD. I think I'll lean towards arty (with slight variances of annoyance). Asthamtic Kitty Records collected a bunch of its bands and filmmaking friends for their DVD collection. Featuring the music, filmmaking, animation and dance of: Bunky, My Brightest Diamond, Half-Handed Cloud, The Curtains, among others.

Trailer for the DVD.

My Brightest Diamond - Magic Rabbit
This could have been a real art-school mess but I find it magical instead.

Surjan Stevens - Palm Sunday Tornado Hits Crystal Lake
Reminds me of the later stuff Harry Smith was animating back in the 40s & 50s for his series "Early Abstractions."

Source: Asthmatic Kitty Channel

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