Friday, August 15, 2008

March Violets Madness

The March Violets had their Goth/dance heyday in the 80s before calling it quits. They reformed for one show in 2007 in their home town of Leeds to regale us with their electronic drumbeat snake-rock one more time. They are so lacking in Internet presence that the current March Violets site begs the public for information on the band's former members. If you can, help them out. Unfortunately, very few videos of them are available anywhere; so why feature The March Violets? Because they rawk.

Walk Into The Sun - Swing your arms about and dance dance!

Snake Dance. This song totally rules--no video though--sorry--make up your own choreography (it will require much arm movement, I predict).

Performing their would-be U.S. hit, Turn To The Sky, in John Hughes teen-movie swan song, "Some Kind of Wonderful." I'm getting sick of this term, but Eric Stoltz played a real douche in this. But to be fair, he and Mary Stuart Masterson had zero sexual chemistry—zip, zilch, nada, that's all she wrote. Dialogue in Spanish--I'm really reaching to get this post up. Just watch the first minute to see lovely singer Cleo Murray perform--what a babe. Full video featuring Murray's fine eyebrows is now here.

A seriously Goth video of Radiant Boys from 1983 featuring original singer Rosie Garland on vocals. Back when I was getting my B.A. in Cinema there was this guy who made these kinds of films. He'd take black & white super-8 film and shoot all these moody, foggy exteriors with dark, gnarled tree limbs, gravestones and cathedral spires, then he would run down the sidewalk with the processed film, scraping it all to shit for that "aged" look, and edit it to Sisters of Mercy. What a douche. Kidding! It's a viable aesthetic.

Rosie Garland now goes by the name of Rosie Lugosi, Manchester's Vampire Queen. That is a gutsy career move. Unlike her former band, you can see quite a lot of Rosie on YouTube.

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