Monday, August 04, 2008

Decorating Ideas For Every Room In Your Home - 1969

From the Woman's World Library and my local thrift store comes these great decorating ideas from 1969. My mom and I watch a lot of HGTV and one thing we've learned (besides "bring the outdoors in" and "make it light and airy") is that every room needs and deserves a focal point. But according to this book, which was somehow construed by Olsten Office Services in conjunction with Reader's Digest, EVERY object in the room, including walls and floors, is a focal point. Where then does the eye turn? I've pulled a detail or two that I think you'll agree, "make" the room--at least to my television-educated discerning eye. Now, let's get decorating!

 This first one is easy. Can you guess the accent that makes the room?

That's right! A fuzzy throw pillow MAKES the room.

This next one is tricky.

Did you guess the barf-colored throw rug? Absolutely right! Anything barf-colored and/or barf-shaped will MAKE the room!

You're on your own now. What makes this living room "pop?" (Hint: it's not the fluorescent green color scheme.)

It's all in the details and in this case, the zebra-rug's tail MAKES the room!

Whoa! A multi-colored split-level. Where to shift your focus? I must admit, my eyes are getting a wee bit tired at this point.

No problem--a round bulb-horn will always draw even a tired eye with its intriguing, decorative aura.

Oooh--beaded dining room divider. So very sparkly. So very, very spark-a-leee...

Let's move on to the bedroom. I hope you like red! And patterns!

Zero in on the quill with still-life. Notice that it's red too? You did? Congratulations on your decorating acumen.

Here's a fun look for the little ones.

Tough call, but I find that the Clark Kent eyeglasses MAKE the room!

And the bulbed horn is another perfect touch.

Oh my--a beaded bathroom divider. Clacky, clacky beads next to the toilet, clacking, clacking...

A modern bathroom to wow you.

A dish of soap balls helps soften the look.

A play-room, a game-room and with our old friend, the zebra rug in attendance, what makes it even more special?

Yes! Hotdogs MAKE a room even MORE special, every time. In fact, the ability to grill in any room, especially if it has a beaded divider, will make YOU the envy of all your friends. And isn't that why we decorate?!

If you like this dipsy-doodle style motif, check out Part 2 of this post, with more fabulous looks from 1969 (depending on how you define the word, "fabulous").


Anonymous said...

Whoa, that bedroom makes my mind swirl in bad ways. Reminds me of the sleazy motel room I found, after prolonged searching for something cheap, last time I was in Vegas. And the kid's room - is that a torture chamber or a jail cell? I don't get it. But the beaded curtains remind me of my dad, who, playfully redecorated while my mom and I were away on vacation. We came back to a hot pink and orange bathroom with love beads and best of all, a pink acrylic toilet seat that had dead flowers and butterflies floating in it like amber!

Miss Lisa said...

Your dad obviously knew how to make a room. The toilet seat sounds like a winning focal point to me!

Raymond Rea said...

wasn't 1969 also an era with plentiful quality hallucinogenics? I think maybe some of these interior decorators were a scooch influenced by that focal point.

Tuckers said...

I like that first room. I makes me want to take LSD and have Pre-AIDs Hippy Sex with a bunch of musicians. Of course Cheetos does that to me too.

The hot dog room is my favorite, it's yummy.

The childs bedroom looks like something some Skinnerist Behavorist Swedish family would subject their kids to. I bet they also had a bunch of naturist outings with willow branches too.

Morningside said...

The red bedroom reminds me of one of my favorite pre-teen books, "The Mysterious Disappearance of Leon (I Mean Noel)" by Ellen Raskin. The original book cover showed a purple wall, with yellow/white flowers, a purple couch with yellow/white flowers, and Mrs. Carillon (Leon's wife) sitting on the couch in a purple dress with yellow/white flowers. I loved the book for its humor and pictures.