Friday, August 08, 2008

Tran Quang Hai - Master of the Jaw Harp

Professor Tran Quang Hai is an expert in traditional Vietnamese music, which includes the jaw harp (or Jew's harp--no connection to being Jewish whatsoever). Many fans of techno and trance have correctly pointed out that Quang Hai's musical stylings are quite trippy. Listen for yourself.

Quang Hai is also a genius with the spoons and he can really throat sing with overtones as well. I bought one of his CDs many years ago when I was looking for jaw harp music for a film I was making. Thanks to whoever stocks the Amoeba Records international bin! I'm really glad to see so many videos up of his work. He's a great conduit of traditional and modern sounds using ancient and newly modified instruments.

Hey it's Friday--celebrate with one more.

Learn more about mouth harps, double melody overtone singing, and other unusual instruments at Overtone Music Network.

Dang! I missed the 16th Annual North American Jew's Harp Festival in Bay City, OR, featuring dueling Jew's harps and workshops in ukulele, washtub bass, and the art of jamming. (Mentally kicking myself for being one week too late for this.) Perhaps I should sign up for The Jew's Harp Guild newsletter.

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