Tuesday, November 04, 2008

"Wild in the Streets" 1968

At last--it's election day! Celebrate with "Wild in the Streets," 1968 Hollywood's take on youth culture run wild. Max Frost, the 24-year-old president elect and world's most popular entertainer lowers the legal voting age to 14. Everyone over 30 is put in a prison camp and forced to ingest LSD. Starring Shelley Winters as Mrs. Daphne Flatow.


Max Frost (Christopher Jones) performs chart-topper The Shape of Things to Come.

Max Frost and The Troopers - 14 or Fight. Richard Pryor in his first film role as the Troopers' drummer.

Wild in the Streets poster

So if Max Frost was 24 then, he'd be 68 today. Sobering.

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