Friday, February 20, 2009

Embryonic Rockabilly Polka-Dotted Fighter Pilot send off

Conan O'Brien's final "Late Night" is tonight (technically Saturday, 12:35 a.m.). I can never stay up late enough to catch his silly, silly brilliance but I've seen many memorable Conan specials over the years, so here are some of my favorite bits (thanks, obsessively posting YouTubers). If you ever see me posing like a heavy-metal rock star while intoning "Inappropriate!" in a full-on British accent, now you know why.

Clive Clemmons' Inappropriate Response Channel.

Dog Debate Channel

I still miss my boyfriend, Andy Richter.

Conan returns in June, taking over for Leno on "The Tonight Show." 'Bout time!

If you happen to come across this post and it's 9:30-ish PST in your 'hood, the show is live here: Thanks ONTD tipsters.

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