Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Having a Wig-tastic Christmas

Thanks to Continental Wig Boutique's window display in downtown San Rafael, I don't have to put together an elaborate Christmas card this year. I've got my cards done, right here, right now. Why stage a family photo at a picturesque location with the wind and the sun in your eyes? The squabbling siblings! Having to ask a stranger to take your photo, hoping it comes out, then the printing costs. Only so that Aunt Edna in Des Moines can toss your visage aside in order to work on her fifth buttered rum for the night!

Nope, I'm going in a different direction this year and that direction is wig displays. Happy holidays! Buy some wigs!

1 comment:

Tuckers said...

You've got my attention! I love me some wigs, Santa wigs are hot this year!