Saturday, September 21, 2013

She Mob - All My Mycelium Friends

I fulfilled a lifelong dream and put together a music video using clips from Mantango: Attack of the Mushroom People, and now I can't post it anywhere due to copyright infringement issues. Fair enough, Toho Films. Just know that She Mob, the band (not the movie) will never make a dime off this nor do we intend to. We're just promoting the wonders of mycelium as it spreads its magical properties throughout the natural world. Hail, fungus!

And hail, Mantango—I tried re-imagining this bleak 1963 vision of radioactive slime-mold take-over on a deserted, rain-drenched Pacific Island, and make it all about...positive vibration friendship!

I also had to condense this down to tiny-file-size to upload here. Sorry about that. Be assured, the original file looks pristine and psychedelic. Song written and sung by Joy Hutchinson, who's also playing guitar. Featuring the wonder-drums of Suki O'Kane, Karry Walker on bass, singing  some fine vocal jams. I'm playing various percussive hand-held devices and shouting stuff in the background. I like doing that. And the voice of the mushroom person is a theremin that Karry and I took over in the studio. A theremin duet, if you will.

From the upcoming album "Right in the Head," available NOW as a digital download. I'll let you know when it's on vinyl.

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