Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Magical Leaf is Magical

I've been neglecting my posting duties, but only because I'm writing a lot (short stories and a screenplay) and it's so challenging. It's taking all my creative brain powers to think of "storytelling" as a form of writing. I used to write stories many years ago but gave it up for Lent. Or something. I gave it up because, while not the hardest thing in the world to do, certainly it's difficult to do well. I'm still learning. But I'm enjoying the process and I feel lucky I have some time per day to work on it.

Also, I'm watching too much Winter Olympics.

Meanwhile, here's a magical leaf. These photos were taken for an art class. I believe the assignment was to photograph an object several different ways. I'll spare you the one where I'm holding it in my hand because it was too lyrical.

I've found a lot of cool-looking leaves in my time, but this was the coolest. I had it propped up near my desk for a long time and it kept falling down behind the furniture. I'd find it and prop it up again—never learning from my mistake to put a pushpin through it, or frame it or at least save it in a book. No. It fell down one day and I haven't found it since. I know when we finally move from this townhouse, I'll find it again. It's here, in the leaf-colored shag rug somewhere, just deteriorating in a cool, artistic way. Magical Leaf.


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Anonymous said...

Lyrical. Thanks for cracking me up, once again.