Thursday, February 13, 2014

She Mob - Luge

From She Mob's album, "Cancel the Wedding," comes Luge. The 1998 Winter Olympics were happening, Joy had a riff, and I suggested we sing a chorus of "LUGE!" and not much else. Joy came up with the nonsensical words for the verses. I told her to try and make them sound Norwegian. I was really into the Winter Olympics. She did that. I backed her up with a bunch of Yeah Yeah Yeah's, and here it is. It's one minute long: Luge.

Footage from the Prelinger Archives.


Anonymous said...

Awesome vid! I'm gonna figure out how to re-post it onto the blog I haven't yet figured out how to write. Maybe FB instead.

I'm watching just the perfect amount of Olympics. I prefer the alpine skiing, but enjoy the junk-show of the ski & board Cross events. And a little ice racing, and skeleton, and luge. If we had more winter-ish weather I'd be indoors more, watching more. Still love them, after all these years. But I'm ready for them to end, and they will tomorrow.

Miss Lisa said...

I didn't know what to do with myself today with no Olympic schedule to check out. I'm like a guy at the bar who's been cut off.

If you saw the closing ceremony bear, you'll appreciate this anecdote from Grantland, found by Keith:

The correspondent frequented a Sochi hockey bar and was taken in by a couple Russian bartenders:

Sasha and I talked about the closing ceremonies. He made reference to one of the last scenes, when the slightly terrifying bear mascot shed a single tear for the close of the Games. He traced a line from his eye down his cheek with his finger.

“I was like bear,” he said.