Friday, December 28, 2018

Political Monsters Coloring Pages

Oh, I've been so busy this year, drawing and painting and sculpting. Something happened when I turned 50--like an LED bulb went *blink, blink, blink, ON!* and I realized it was time to get back to art. The thing about art is that it's very time-consuming, and therefore the writing has lagged a lot. Sorry!

Not that huge droves of readers were waiting breathlessly for my every thought, but I do feel some obligation to post here at least once in a while. It's just that social media has taken over on that front, in tiny chunks of words as in: *hit send* and wait for responses to trickle in (if at all--as in life, I'm not exactly super-popular).

I tend to put the art on my art site here, and/or Instagram here. But today: Crossover art! Throughout the Brent Kavanaugh hearings and debacle, I comforted myself by doing quick sketches of the disgusting trash people on the 115th Senate Majority Judicial Committe with Sharpie pens on a stack of colored paper. I use these whenever I tweet to any of these guys. In time, other members of this Nation's GOP-majority administration were added. They were quick--some are better likenesses than others, but I didn't care--I just wanted to get their essence.

And here they are--so many of them--and I haven't even finished yet. I'm working on a series of Emotional Support Animals and that's proved a more satisfying and pleasant endeavor. But I'll be adding more of these monsters, once I can stomach looking at their likenesses for a few moments at a time.

Print and color, or use as snail-mail stationery to write to your Trump-supporting friends, if you have any left. Or paste them around town as political commentary. Or share on social media for and make a visual statement. It's a free Nation and they're copyright-free!

President* Donald J. Trump
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell
Former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan
Son-in-law Jared Kushner
First Daughter Ivanka Trump

Senator Lindsey Graham

Vice-President* Mike Pence

Senator Orrin Hatch

White House Press Secretary Sara Huckabee Sanders

Senator Susan Collins

Senator Ted Cruz
Senator Ben Sasse

Senator Chuck Grassley

Eric and Don Jr. Trump

Former Senator Jeff Flake

Senator Joe Manchin

Senator John Cornyn

Senator Joni Ernst

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen


Mark Nielsen said...

Hi Lisa, Such beautiful ugly monsters. Niiice. I hopped over here from illustrator Drew Friedman's blog, specifically a post about the 1961 JFK coloring book, where you commented some time ago.

I'm presently woking on a historical fiction project set in around 1959-61, with tie-ins to JFK, the Mafia, and the music biz in New York. So the Trumpistas are just the latest in a long line of clandestine criminals in politics, or vice-versa. I might also be developing some of my research for a podcast, a dedicated blog, or similar non-fiction project with more "legs" than a novel. And thus might need some illustration, or just some decent networking among like-minded people like you.

To see a sampling of my treatment of the showbiz/politics/crime triumvirate at my blog, try here:

Or if not, then thanks again for reminding me I'm not alone out here in my application of artistic instincts toward protest and satire. (by the way, though my name is Mark Nielsen, no relation to Homeland Security Sec Kirstjen Nielsen... I hope).

Unknown said...

These are great! And creepy (as they should be — creepy is as creepy does).

Francis said...

LOVE/hate these!

Miss Lisa said...

Hey, thanks all! I can probably do a cleaner, more "pro" job of this now that I've been drawing so much for the past few years. These were quickies, but they do have that angry energy so they're doing the job, I suppose. Mark, let me know how your project is coming along (or if it's complete) and I'll check it out. I'm available for illustration jobs, thank you.