Monday, August 25, 2008

Customized Tourist Hoodies - Clearance Sale

I saw a lot of tourist shops on our road trip. I almost bought a Trees of Mystery View Master reel but I thought, for six dollars, I can just look out at the trees of mystery while I'm there. Even in 3-D, a View Master might not cut it. Although I do have reels for San Francisco, Disneyland and dinosaur battles, so I think I was just being really frugal.

My favorite souvenir was a pink T-shirt with a terrible illustration of Big Foot, standing by a grove a trees, a confused expression on its ape-like face. The shirt stated in bold red lettering: Sasquatch Stepped on Me. I like an action verb on my street wear, but I already have two pink shirts. And then I started thinking about creating my own tourist-wear that no one would want to buy. Here's my selection of customized hoodie-styles to let people know where you've been, where you might have been, and where you're going to be. You've been to Vallejo? How cool are you? No really, I want to know.

Please indicate style, size, color and whether or not Sasquatch has stepped on you.

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