Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Decorating Ideas For Every Room In Your Home - 1969 - Part 2

My post on the fabulous 1969 thrift-store find, Decorating Ideas For Every Room In Your Home, was such a popular one, that I've decided to follow up with even more Decorating Ideas... You can never have enough decorating ideas, it's true. But also, this is the tutorial that really helped me hone in on the focal-point idea for room decor. There are so many focal points throughout these  "dramatic living rooms," "gracious guest rooms," "clever children's rooms" (etc.), that I'm forced to make my own arbitrary decisions about what exactly is the focal point.

This time around, I decided that if I were back in 1969 (I would be five years old, wearing flowered frocks and listening to a lot of Monkees), and I was actually within one of these rooms, what would be the one thing I couldn't stop staring at and obsessing over. That would be the focal point. I actually used to do this as a child because, as you will see, decorating ideas were pretty freaky back then. Our tastes have gotten more bland and generic, so I don't know if this technique would apply to today's decor. But my five-year-old self still finds time to stare and obsess over objects in people's homes. I just don't say anything out loud.

Here's the cover. I wish someone could bring back the Woman's World Library publishing house, so I could build on my collection of outmoded decorating manuals.

An idea for an attic space, from the back cover. Wouldn't this make a great gathering space for your 60s-era witches' coven? Plenty a Black Sabbath could be ritually celebrated here!

Obviously in this dining area, the mural with its latticed dividers would hold my interest, but is that the focal point that would weird me out the most?

Nope, I'm going with the artwork in the traditional frame for this one. Really, the entire room is one big den of weirdness, but this would catch my eye and hold it, once I got over the hot-air balloon motif over there in the corner.

What is the deal with this, anyway?

A girl's room! This should be easy. What's the focal point?

I'm going to go with the green seal with acid-red flippers.

Seal wearing ribbon, looking dapper

But if you picked the fuchsia fish on the bentwood rocker, I will accept that answer.

Felted fish

Another girl's room. This time an older girl, coming into her own.

I bet you think I'd be obsessing over the teen-idol pinup board.

British invasion bulletin board
I'm not saying it's not eye-catching, in a room full of eye-catching situations, but knowing me, I'd be staring at this area and mulling it over quite a bit.

Skeptical sculpture

A living area with everything shoved to one side of the room!

Including this...whatever it is...Jesus, what is this?

Very tortured art
And look at this. Oh my God...I am now completely mesmerized and will be until the end of time...

Hypnotic lamp full of balls

Here's a sitting room with Colonial-on-Peyote flair.

This would freak me out more than a little.

It's staring at you

Another sitting room, this time for groovy people.

I'd be zeroed in on this all night here.

Frightened creature sculpture

I call this our squiggly room. It's better on an empty stomach, it's true.

Do you like our artwork? It cost $700! Well, do you like it? Stop gaping and answer me!

Bad-trip artwork

One more, I promise. What's the freaky focal point? Take your time. This one is a little tricky.


I'm scared in this room—so very scared


Megan McElroy said...

Bwaaaaaa...........I like the blue room with the guitar though. I tried to subsribe to your blog but I only know how to do it through email, which I do not see anywhere.

Miss Lisa said...

Hi Megan! I personally subscribe to most blogs through the blogger reader. Google has a reader, but they're shutting it down and will let people subscribe in some other newfangled way. I'm sure they'll be in touch.

I don't have a way to send out a subscription through email. I should. The blog's email is captiveww (at) yahoo (dot) com (elaborate spam evasion there). I do update on twitter but not Facebook. Maybe I should. Oh, I don't know! If everyone on Facebook read my blog, wouldn't that be something? They'd know what a weirdo I truly am. That would probably be a good thing, ultimately. Do you know what I mean? I think you do.

Anyway, get on that twitter bandwagon. Or I'll start posting on Facebook and start narrowing my friends down to true friends. It's win win!

Tuckers said...

I have to go through this point by point.

Witches coven chic: Burnt orange was uber popular in the sixties. My mom painted our family room wall this color and got no end of grief from my dad about it.

Blue latticed Dining area: What is this for hobbits? It's so tiny and cramped, I couldn't see myself fitting in there, much less 4 sophisticates.

Girls room: What is this Baby Jane's room? Damiana's? This would inspire satanism and Marxism in even the most stalwart child.

Older girls room: Well she'd better be blond that's all I say. And it gives me hayfever just looking at it.

Living room: That is the PERFECT place to put your fake piano. I'll have to put my fake piano over there too. And there is room to do the twist with your indiscreet companions in the middle of the floor.

I love how so much of the art looks like a quick slap dash job by a set painter.

Sitting Room: More a modernist nod to a Moroccan opium den.

Another sitting room: OMG Love LOVE LOVE those psychedelic chairs :)

Squiggly room: This is what modern design looks like as it's being swallowed by a black hole.

Freaky Focal Point: This room reminds me of Amanita muscaria mushrooms, and probably was heavily influenced by the habit of drinking the urine of someone intoxicated by them (it's better the second time round!). That or Super Mario Brothers.

Miss Lisa said...

I want to do the twist with indiscreet companions! In that room, of course.

We should write up a book on this stuff. We lived through it. We know the psychological ramifications of this decor. Our brains were formed by burnt orange and pop-art flower forms. It helped make us what we are today. For good. Or for ill.

Publishers, please get in touch. We are standing by, next to our fake pianos.