Friday, January 30, 2015

She Mob video - Was Ist Das?

Hey, it's another She Mob video. This one's from our second album, "Turn to Chocolate," released way back in 2001. I haven't made any videos from this album—UNTIL NOW. So enjoy this exclusive outing into the quagmire that is my musical mind.

Was Ist Das? is the story of a love affair going sour. Maybe. It could go either way, but it's probably not going so good. You know the feeling. And it may be referring to writer David Talbot, although it's pronounced "Daveed" in the song. And it's not autobiographical. And that's all I'm going to say.

Except to mention Myles Boisen's awesome special-guest guitar solo, and Alan Korn on lovely pedal steel. Joy (Sue) Hutchinson's playing rhythm guitar and singing excellent background vocals in German alongside Diane Wallis, who's fiddling so nicely. I'm singing lead and tippy-tapping on the drums. This is one of the few She Mob songs that contains a bridge—something we're proud of.

Now, the film—I hope it doesn't hurt your eyes, but this footage, shot in the late 60s and found in a basement of a closing-down business in Rochester, New York (coincidentally around the time the song was released), is naturally deteriorated. No art students have had a hand in the chemically distressed nature of this look backwards at amusement-park fun. It's available for viewing in its entirety under the title, "Decomposed Carnival," on the Home Movies collection of the Internet Archive.

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