Friday, January 23, 2015

Shredding with Th' Faith Healers' 2006 Live Show

Thank you to to Vacant Moon for uploading this live Faith Healers regrouping from a small Brooklyn club in 2006. It's a little lazy of me to just embed and run here, but I enjoyed this so much, I wanted to share. The recorded output of Th' Faith Healers was a bit spotty. Their main superpower, as this demonstrates so well, was the live show.

An indie band from Hampstead with a cult following, Th' Faith Healers are pretty mysterious to most. Tom Cullinan's effects-box guitar playing is like three band members in one. Singer Roxanne Stephen's voice softens Cullinan's hard edges while fully embracing the aural madness. Bassist Ben Hopkin and drummer Joe Dilworth are mighty powerful rhythm masters, grounding the sound waves before they fling themselves into the stratosphere of total chaos.

Th' Faith Healers emit a psychedelic drone, free-form madness and angst, while providing experiments in compositional control. A jam band—one of the finest. As for their musical influences, note the cover of Can's Mother Sky at the one-hour (second encore) mark. You're gonna plotz.

More! The People from the "The Imaginary Friend" album - a slow build to rhythmic-drone intensity.

Don't Jones Me from the Too Pure label's 1994 compilation, "Pop (Do We Not Like That?)." Th' Faith Healers would break up soon thereafter. This is their second version of the song, slightly different from the one on their 1993 debut album, "Lido." It was recorded and released for U.S. college radio distribution, and it shreds.

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