Monday, December 22, 2008

Presenting: SFGate Comments Comix, Vol. 1

For a few years now I've been reading the bitterly hostile comments posted on with growing anxiety and dread. Only when we moved away from the Bay Area was I able to say with some assurance, "Well, it's time to write a comic strip about this." With distance comes comix.

So here it is. I picked a story from today's paper and illustrated what I think some of the commentators look like. All spelling errors and vitriol are left intact. These were the top-rated (thumbs' up) comments for this story. I scribbled these panels in Macromedia Fireworks and they are clearly mouse-created. When I hook up my son's new Fisher Price Digital Arts & Crafts Studio (a Christmas present to him [and me]), perhaps my "line" will be more effective. You never know! Enjoy.

Vol. 1

SFGate Comments Comix Vol. 1

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