Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Givin' the GOP a helpin' hand

The Republican campaign is hurting--hurting bad! Putting my marketing skills to the task (and currently unemployed while doing so), I've risen to the challenge of re-branding the two-headed McPalin monster. Otherwise, it's just not a fair fight out there.

I was thinkin', Sarah Palin's got star power, but she's coming across as, well, kind of like a nutso. She needs a little more of a positive spin on her.

Exhibit A: Sarah Palin Motivational Poster for your cubicle (if you haven't already been downsized!).
Sarah Palin motivational poster

She admits she's kinda new at this. What a wonderful opportunity to humanize her. Lest we forget--she is some kind of human.

Exhibit B: The life-sized Sarah Palin wall sticker. That'll make it hard to ignore her stance on...stuff...and...things.
Sarah Palin life-sized wall sticker

The Sarah Palin winky doll. What could be more refreshin'?
Sarah Palin winky doll

Hey! Don't leave out McCain! WHO? Oh, you sillies. He needs a little attention too!
Bush-McCain Friends 4-eva!

Oops--how did this get here? Must be a slip in the HTML code. Pay no attention...
Sarah Palin - It's going to get ugly

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