Thursday, October 16, 2008

It Came From Economically Depressed Outer Space

Low-budget sci-fi is inspiring because it always gives me a "hey, I can make that" feeling. I've worked on some low-budget sci-fi and it's fun as hell. You got people walking around the set with giant bubble-heads made of foam latex, and six arms, and locations like Mono Lake after a freak snowstorm. If you're lucky, a producer will be able to book William Sanderson for a walk-on part, and you'll get to feed him his complex and nonsensical scientific-jargon lines. I'm telling you, low-budget sci-fi is some of the best times I've ever had.

With that in mind, here's some classic sci-fi trailers. Study the aliens, monsters and spacemen closely. There's nothing here that you couldn't create with a few odds and ends from the back of your closet, Wal-Mart, and that collection of cardboard in the garage. Stock up on some duct tape and bathing caps and you'll be set for any costume party, trick-or-treat scenario, or film shoot. Have a blast. We only get one go-around in life. Spend some of your time on Earth as a Mysterian.

This Island Earth - 2 1/2 Years In The Making!

The Mysterians - Love-hungry spacemen come to seize our woman, that their dying race may live!

KRONOS - A Metallic Vampire, Stalking The Earth!

Journey to the Seventh Planet - Starring John Agar and Greta Thyssen. And some poor guy yelling (I think), "Augh! AAAAAUUUUGHHHHH!!!"

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Anonymous said...

Didjya check the cool triangular flat screen TV in 'This Island Earth"? Way ahead. The Original Theremins from the 30's (often employed in the soundracks of these films) used to have a crazy speaker system that looked something like that.