Friday, October 17, 2008


Well, my attempted political, animated comic-strip link is experiencing some technical difficulties. But be assured, its pointed satire is right on target! Until it's fixed, enjoy these adorable kitties.

Sweet Tired Cat - 7 million+ hits can't be wrong.

Kitten and His Box - With alternative rock soundtrack (Sister Jack by Spoon).

Let me eat some corn! - The original, in case you're concerned about that sort of thing.

Chirping Winston - Rich's cat is a superstar. See why here.

I'm allergic to cats but it's difficult to escape their furry allure. Except for the scratchies, bities and vet bills, they're the perfect companions for Winter shut-ins like us.


michelle robinson said...

love cats, not as much kittens. i have never lived with out one and i am allergic. i just have learned to be miserable. what can i say...

michelle robinson said...

byt he way you spelled kittens kittehs. was this intentioanl?

Miss Lisa said...

Yes, you kind of have to say it like this, "Kiteeahhs." Like you're too cool to say, "Kitties," but you still think of them as "kitties," not "cats."

I might head over to the animal shelter and see if there's any grown-up catties hanging around in need of a home. No doubt there are.