Sunday, October 26, 2008

All-Around-The-World Girls Tour Portland

All over the world, musicians make a point of playing in the international arena of...Portland, OR. Because Portland cares about music. Check out all these cool young women, all happening this week. In PORTLAND. That's right. Portland.

U.S. (originally from East Hollywood) - Sam Phillips, Little Plastic Life - Doug Fir Lounge, Oct. 28. Sam Phillips has a nice write-up on her myspace page. She was the composer for "Gilmore Girls" during its run--a beloved TV show that combined screwball comedy with family melodrama. She has an album out now called "Don't Do Anything."

FRANCE - Yelle, A Cause Des Garcons - Berbati's Pan, Oct. 29.

SWEDEN - Lykke Li, Little Bit - Doug Fir Lounge, Oct. 30. Bringing the bun back to women's hair.
Little Bit

AUSTRALIA - Missy Higgins, Where I Stood - Crystal Ballroom, Nov. 5.

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